Global Emerging Markets MBA




The Global Emerging Marketins MBA (GEMMBA) brings the excellence of ESEUNE European Business School to six international locations in China (Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong), Russia (Moscow), India (Bangalore) and Brazil (rio de Janeiro).

The GEMMBA is the first MBA business program designed to develop successful entrepreneurial and business skills for emerging markets. The GEMMBA offers a comprehensive look at emerging markets, especially the BRIC economies (Brazil, Russia, India, China), as they integrate with the global economy and provides the context for understanding the unique social, political, environmental, and ethical questions associated with doing business in emerging markets


The GEMMBA offer a conceptual framework to analyze emerging markets from multiple perspectives. The program also covers innovative strategies to enter and expand operations in developed markets. Economists and business experts agree that emerging economies such as China, Brazil, Russia, India and many others, are reshaping globalization and renewing horizons for the world economy.


This Full-time MBA program can be completed in one year and  comprises of 16 courses that are all taught in English.

Students represent more than 15 nationalities and are encouraged to work in groups, exposing themselves to different cultures and businesses, which greatly enriches the entire educational experience. Participants are young international business leaders who fulfill the requirement of having a comprehensive understanding of BRIC markets, wit emphasys in China, its business culture and its place as an economic powerhouse for the 21st century. 




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